About Warren Industries

Over 40 years of experience in a rapidly changing industry has taught us how to identify the needs of businesses and companies no matter what they deal in.

About Us

Warren Industries began operations in 1970 as a contract packaging company doing handwork projects. Since then, Warren has emerged as one of the largest co-packing, packaging and mechanical binderies in the Midwest. We have experienced steady growth for five decades and now serve customers nationwide from eight locations with manufacturing space totaling 200,000 square feet and warehousing space totaling 750,000 square feet in three states.

We made a name for ourselves by offering solutions as unique as our customers’ needs. This might mean building a new machine, modifying a packaging design or implementing new technology. We’ve proven our abilities to handle a variety of high-volume contract packaging projects because we have a long history of running hundreds of unique packaging jobs. Our contributions in B2B are widely respected. In fact, one of the qualities that makes Warren stand out from other competitors is our ability to engineer equipment that specifically suits our customers’ needs.

At the start of the new century, Warren received the opportunity to start packaging home products for large companies. During this time, we needed to begin producing millions of products per month instead of millions per year. This required us to invest in more machines and talent to automatically package, label, and pack the finished goods. High speed production at low cost quickly became the new era for Warren.

As we successfully handled this high-volume/high-speed production concept, Warren expanded to take on more home product lines. We also soon became the favored ecommerce supplier to a number of customers. From just inventorying and shipping the product when orders arrived, to handling a pick pack operation before shipping, to producing the product that is shipped, Warren was able to handle most of its ecommerce customers’ needs.

Over the years, we have been offered opportunities to take on new projects which has allowed Warren to grow into new fields of production. Our leadership team has a great deal of experience, a strong determination to succeed and is very familiar designing highly efficient production lines. Accurately estimating jobs, keeping costs low and providing quick responses are what we do best. We have successfully achieved one of the highest standards in our industry and, while our steady growth over the years is impressive, we still continually work hard to maintain an exceptional reputation with all our customers.


Our Locations

Headquarters & Packaging Operations Racine, WI

84,000 sq. ft. Facility

Card Deck Production & Bindery Racine, WI

65,000 sq. ft. Facility

Packaging and Fulfillment Racine, WI

145,000 sq. ft. Facility

Warehousing Assembly Racine, WI

57,000 sq. ft. Facility

Fulfillment Center Phoenix, AZ

161,000 sq. ft. Facility

Direct Fulfillment Meadville, PA

239,000 sq. ft. Facility