Choosing a Right Contract Packaging Partner.

The key to choosing the right contract packaging partner involves finding a company that knows the industry, has completed a range of large packaging projects, and has a variety of different packaging machines.

Contract packagers should ask all the necessary questions ahead of time and provide you with options- such as a better and/or less costly packaging. Wanting a very unique package often leads to cost ramifications. Therefore, it is important to hire a packager that has made products similar to yours.

Save time by calling and talking through your project so that you can have all the answers when you ask for pricing.

One of the biggest challenges for packagers is when a customer does not know the specifications of their project, especially if it is a retail product. Be prepared to discuss the volume of your project, the components of the packaging, and where the finished packages will be shipped.

The right contract packager will be able to help you understand the importance of the following concepts:


Cost-savings Efficiencies


Using machines vs handwork


Making a product appeal to a large enough audience so that it can be profitable and grow

At Warren Industries, we have proven our abilities to handle a variety of high-volume contract packaging projects because we understand our machines’ capabilities and have a long history of running hundreds of unique packaging jobs.

Request a free quote from us today, and we will be sure to help you decide on the most logical specifications so that your product can be made efficiently and at a reasonable cost.