Warren Industries takes sustainability seriously. We don’t talk about it – we do it.

Sustainability Solutions

Sustainability Contract Packaging Warren Industries does not just recycle the obvious – like corrugated. We work to recycle everything except dirt. On large volume recycling, like corrugated, we prepared the material and ship directly to the mills to reduce handling and fuel costs. We sort our paper recycling into four categories to help the mills. We do the same with our plastics—sorting stretch wrap, plastic banding, styrene and mixed plastics to help the recycling company avoid their own sorting. We recycle our used pallets and loose wood. We even recycle the paper liners from our labeling lines (We apply a hundred million labels a year onto our customer’s product).

Warren’s sustainable culture is not just for recycling scrap. We also work to reduce our energy consumption. Warren is in the process of converting the office and factory lighting to LED lights. We divert the heat generated by our air compressions into the building in the winter to help reduce our heating needs.

Warren views sustainability as a profit center. It is a win-win – helping the environment while increasing the company’s bottom line.