Because Warren is a contract packager and does work for other companies (as opposed to making its own product), Warren actually competes with many of its own customers for work. Warren’s customers have to decide if it is better or cheaper to do a specific job internally or let a contract packaging partner, like Warren Industries, produce the product or service for them.

“Often a company will decide to give difficult or unique jobs to a contract packager and keep the easier jobs. Therefore, in order to be awarded work, we have to always be ready to handle difficult and unique jobs.”

David Namowicz (President and CEO of Warren Industries) 

What is a Difficult and Unique Packaging Job?

A job can be considered unique if it requires a high number of operations or machines to produce the final product. For example, having to collate a product before shrink wrapping or labeling and packing/cartoning a product after shrink wrapping require multiple operations and, therefore, are considered difficult and/or unique jobs. Another reason a job can be considered unique is if a product is too small, large, or tall or out of specification of a machine’s ability.

Running difficult and unique jobs has been a key to Warren Industries’ success over the years, and about 25% of the total amount of work Warren completes falls into this category. Warren has a staffed machine shop, trained mechanics, and experienced engineers who are able to design and build unique equipment if needed. However, since some jobs are too small in volume to warrant the cost of modifying machinery, not all unique jobs can be efficiently handled by this means. In those cases, Warren has manual equipment that can run unique jobs slower and with more labor, but still less costly than machine modification.

Visit Warren Industries’ website to see the wide array of equipment and services Warren has to offer. You will see that Warren is well equipped to handle many difficult and unique projects, whether the job cannot run on standard equipment or the job requires multiple machines or operations.

P.S. Warren does a great job at making products that can be produced on standard equipment too!

Contract PackagingWarren Contract Packaging: Always Ready to Handle Difficult and Unique Packaging Jobs